“John Wick Hex” is not a normal shooter, and it should not be

If I had been asked  how a John Wick video game would be like , I might not  have come up with John Wick Hex, a top-down superhot action game that seems to be more like a puzzler than a shooter.

John Wick Hex

However ,  it makes sense, because a simple shooter game would not  achieve John Wick justice. John Wick Hex presents  the tactical judgment that Keanu Reeves as an action hero necessitates  to be the deadly boogieman he is known to be, and in addition to work  as an ingenious and funny ,  action and puzzle game.

Time is the  key component  in John Wick Hex , it doesn’t  move  unless Wick moves, kind of like in  Super Hot game . After  every move, you may take as long as you like to decide, of thousands of  options ,  what  the next move will be . 

This character  enables the players to embody John Wick without the long  years of practice and experience Wick has had in beating up countless people all alone . You may take a breath and look around you , Wick’s professionalism  is in  seeing  how many bullets are in the magazine, check every side , specify  where enemies are looking, and then shot , one move at a time, discharge and charge the guns, to make it  as successful  as possible through the situation .

john wick hex

The top of the screen is a timeline. The top line presents  Wick’s actions and how long  they will take, proceeded by the nearest seeable enemy’s moves beneath , which permits players to see which option to make  at every time freeze.

On the right are actions like shoots and kills, and on the bottom there are  data show armory ,  focus, and posture (standing or crouched). Focus is important for actions, and to anew your focus you should  take a couple of seconds to get back in the zone.

Once you comprehend these things, which happened really quickly , it’s all about moving through the levels one foot at a time and tactically killing every person in your way just like John Wick does in the trilogy.

To the extent  the story goes , it’s not different from  the movies. John Wick Hex is a prequel and involves the characters Winston (Ian McShane) and Charon (Lance Reddick), who are being  held by a new antagonist. And  as John Wick, you’re trying to find out  a way to get to them. Just like him , you find yourself shooting and executing large groups of people in the way to your destination.

All the pass there’s a couple of surroundings and songs that would fit right in with the movies, from cool clubs to dark alleyways. 

john wick hex pic

John Wick Hex is surprisingly hard. It is difficult to  hide away exactly  and heal yourself whenever you get a bullet, and the reload mechanic is very realistic , if you choose to recharge  your gun, the bullets in your present magazine will be removed, just as if you  switched out a magazine on a real gun.

Enemies don’t  become less severe either, so  you’ll have to be prepared all the time . I had to  vary levels again and again  to get through them without dying.

After All , I’m Not The Boogieman .

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