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What 15 Animals Would Look Like if They Had a Cat’s Face

From time to time, we come across kittens with such adorable faces that it makes us wonder what they would look like on other animals. Have you ever thought about it? If you have, we’ll help you have a clearer vision of how a crocodile or a giraffe would look if they had a kitty’s face. And this is all thanks to the Russian Instagram account, Koty Vezde, which means, “Cats are everywhere” in English. They certainly are…

Cinderla wants to show you how this artist modifies the faces of some animals to resemble that of a cat by using the magical power of Photoshop. The results are a mix of glamour and tenderness, at the same time. At the end of the article you’ll find a bonus video where we’ll show you the artist’s editing process.


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