A couple of health advocates and katy perry

Katy Perry team up Patricia Bragg in a health focused business venture Patricia Bragg is the American health consultant. Her aim is to sensitize people of the earth about the important and benefits of a healthy lifestyle. For sixty five years ago, she has been striving to make people aware about the vision of her company. She was doing this task alone, but she has new partners in her company, Bragg live Foods.

Katty Perry backing her health teacher:

One of the basic aims of Bragg live Foods is to become a famous company, and also to present the company’s apple cider and other alimentary products With the help of Katty and Orlando Bloom..Bragg live Foods founded by Paul Brag in 1912 .He focused on the development of the apple cider vinegar and other health-conscious products including: Condiments, liquid refreshment flavoring and others.

The 90 year old business woman holds a respective supplants in the singer’s heart/.Katy and Patricia has been friends since they are child. The first guitar in katy’s life was a gift from Patricia .She loves Bragg’s merchandise and she considers them as an aid in preserving a healthy lifestyle that is useful to her vocal career

According to that ,Patricia and Katty has a dream to make the word a better place and they believe that they can achieve their goal by providing healthier eating habits .Katty Perry was a loyal consumer ,but now she is one of company’s health ambassadors. That’s why, she is felicitous and more enthusiasm to exert something new.

Swander Pace Capital

In addition to Katty and Patricia there are other members in Bragg’s alliance such us the private equity firm, Swander Pace Capital. He allots in establishing glite-edge companies like Bragg live Foods. The vision of the managing director of swander pace capital,Andrex Richards is that there is a great potential in Bragg’s wellness venture.

The division and commitment in developing a divers healthy products make Bragg Live Foods a global company that will have a bright future ,but although Richards and the rest of his team are not more exited to be a part of Bragg’s amazing journey because they have seen the growth of more than fifty companies since 1996.

Hayden Salter and group dragoneer investment

Hayden Saler and dragoneer investment group are the mastermind behind pressed juicer.Additionally, they are a part of the cooperative group.Theire headquarter is in Fransisco, California.The meritoriousness of Dragoneer investment group gives it an opportunity to hold a stake in several companies like: uder, Etsy, Slack and Airbnb.

All these positive indications will help Bragg Live Foods to grow up more and more and also to make deference in the wellness world.

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